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Why, hello :)

This is just a little note in case you have happened across my journal and are wondering."Hey, what is she all about? Should I talk to her?"
I say ,"Absolutely!"
And because I am not computer savvy enough to create a pie chart I shall offer up this small list of reasons to tell you why:

1. I often ramble on in a disarmingly cute sort of way. Go ahead just ask anyone who has known me for more than 8 minutes (it's the first 7 minutes of pure unfiltered *me* that tends to frighten some people and small animals away. Which, I'd like to point out would be great if you were trapped in a chipmunk infested swimming pool. Just saying.)

2. Although I have improved LEAPS and BOUNDS from when I started this journal more than 6 years (6 Years?!) ago, my typing is spotty at best, especially if i get overexcited about something. Many people may think this is a deterrent. Pfft to you i say! Trying to decipher what I'm going on about keeps your mind sharp (and I'm occasionally more interesting than sudoku, haha)

3. I have questionable taste in music and men. But I also have a lot of moxy which balances it out quite nicely I think. :)

And if that didn't convince you, take a gander at this lovely pie chart (because once I mentioned it, I knew I'd have to at least try) :


baby in the back of a truck

crazy autoerotic afficiation figurine and disgruntled mailman


Pop quiz hot shot

Did seeing this today make me cry?

Yes. Yes it did.
I went to the Wadsworth Atheneum (or the Wad if you're cool. That's not true, I just made that up. And it's not cool.) to see an exhibit called Monet's Water Lillies: An Artists Obsession. Even though there was a painting of the japanese bridge and a gigantic twenty-foot-wide late work from MoMA that one was my favorite. There is something so special about being close enough to see brush strokes. It's like if you look hard enough you can see what the artist was feeling when they made it. There was an old silent film of Monet painting in his garden playing in the other part of the gallery, which was my other favorite part.

The girls who were at the information desk and in the gift shop commented on how cool my fingernails are (chipped dark blue polish with a lighter blue stripe down the middle is cool?) and I realised I would be perfectly happy working in a museum gift shop. I must look into that.


Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?
popular performance art.
Wow there's alot more ads on here today. I went home sick from work (I have a weird stomach/leg/head cramp/fatigue fever thing and just woke up after a 6 hour nap.
Anyway, in reference to my job, here is my horoscope for today:

"It's admirable that you keep plugging away, oblivious to all naysayers and rain clouds on the horizon. It takes alot of strength to stay so focused-but it also takes alot of strength to know when to say when. You're approaching the point where your energy output is exceeding the amount of payoff you'll ever see. Hand off the work to someone who has a fresh perspective, or cout your losses and move on. Use your energy to get the reward you deserve-treat yourself to a little splurge."


Well anyway, at least I can justify buying the Troy and Abed in the Mooooorning mug.


Ugh I still feel like a quivering jellyfish
good night.

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?
My last car was a 94 Olds Achieva that I affectionately called Johnny Thunders and spoke too with a nondescript eastern european accent, a la viva variety. (Yes, I know the character on that show was called Johnny Bluejeans. No, my car didn't care)
What is the absolute worst song ever written? For what amount of money would you consider listening to it over and over again for 24 hours?
For me its a two way tie between "Simply having a Wonderful Xmas Time" by Wings (which is painful on several levels, since McCartney (co)wrote some of the most beloved music ever) and "No Scrubs" by TLC, because that song was a steaming pile of poo the first time I heard it, and then it got so played out. No amount of $$$ could convince me to listen to either for 24 hours.
How did you choose your LiveJournal username? Is there an interesting story behind it?

(sweet) sassy molassey.

Writer's Block: Voulez-vous parler ...

Which language(s) do you currently speak? If you could learn only one other language, what would you choose, and why?

I very seriously purchased the book "Beginner's WELSH" by Heini Gruffudd today in the basement of a chrch, which is actually the most amazing used bookstore I have ever been in.

I nearly bought my weight in 80's cds (I had to literally pry Debbie Gibson's Electric Youth and Tiffany's self titled album out of my hands when I remembered I didn't really like the music that much the first time around) since they had 3 shelves full of all sorts of random cds.
But to answer the question I can ask someone to sit down and if they know where their shoes are in Spanish. I took French for 4 years in school, and might be able to hold a conversation with someone in Montreal, if they are also primarily english speaking and forgot everything they learned in French class. I am fluid in Pig Latin, which comes in very handy at work. I just learned how to say, "Dw i ddim yn siarad Cymraeg."* go me.

In other exciting news, I got a box from Amazon today.
I ordered a bunch of mom cds for...my mom for Christmas (Boyle, Buble, Bochelli, and Newman. Because Randy Newman is awesome, so it almost balances out the other 3. Almost.) In it was the Spaced boxset (Merry Christmas, me), annnnnnd Gigantic (because I have been exceptionally good this year.)
I watched Gigantic 1st, and was computer chair dancing and grinning like an idiot for nearly an hour WHEN I SAW SOMEONE I KNOW BEING INTERVIEWED. SHE IS AWESOME.
I died.
Then I screamed like I did when I was in Times Square and Usher was at TRL standing in the MTV window. Thrust into the sea of girly screaming puberty, I like to think my slightly taller, finger pointed bellowing (OMG IT'S USSSHHHHHERRRRRRR!!!!!!) reached across Times Square and weirded Carson Daily out.

I hope so at least.

SO it was like that. Only instead of thousands of people, it was me.
And instead of Carson Daily, it was my cat, who woke up from her 19 hour nap on my windowsill, looked over at me, lost her balance, and fell on the floor.
So far Spaced is pretty awesome too. :)

I also got hoodswinkled into going to the cemetary to put cemetary boxes on my grandparent's and their parent's graves today. Got there just before sunset, and instantly wondered if they actually do lock the gates, which is when the panic set in.
My grandparent's are buried in a row that starts with a big stone that says SCULLY on it (which is how I remember where it is.), in the row in front of that, there is a life sized statue of a weeping woman which I don't remember (and, belive me, I would have), so I warily kept an eye on it. I also noticed that my grandfather's parents are buried next to the MULDER's, which warmed my creeped out/freezing/geeky heart.

the end.

*I don't speak Welsh.


Here's the list of things I have up for grabs. If anything tickles your fancy please let me know so I can get it to you!

Happy Hunting!!!

small 50 piece puzzle of a bunny sitting at a computer desk (clearly messing around at work)

wall clock made out of the book "GO GIRL!" (blonde cowgirl riding a white horse is on the cover. pretty pink background)

plastic happy scarecrow ((who is clearly a zombie)) (to hang on your wall!)

a delightfully 70's ceramic mushroom collage thing

a slice of cantalope/ slice of apple ceramic ornaments

petula clark's classic hits cd (includes the dance smash hit "Don't sleep in the subway")

a very cheerful pink triceratops

metal enamel painted dish (background is pink/blue with a nice floral bouquet. perfect for keys or rings or what have you... 4 inch diameter)

nun listening to a book (I assume it's the bible) while also singing statue (6 inches tall)

happy ceramic grey kitten in the classic "scratch me under the chin awww yeahhh" pose- flowers painted near the tail

a palm tree statue that is carved out of...something. it's brown and cream and awesome all over.

a happy frog and goat made out of pom poms

Unopened Batman The Movie dvd (with commentary by Adam West and Burt Ward.) I should just send this to Michael Hill, but I will give the other 20 people who will read this a fighting chance.